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16 Standard HTML Attributes


There are certain HTML attributes which are standard and can be associated with any HTML tag except base, head, html, meta, param, script, style and title elements. A list of standard HTML5 attributes with Short description are as below.

contenteditable Boolean attribute to specify whether the element is editable or not
contextmenu specifies a context menu for an element
data-* used to store custom data associated with the element
draggable Boolean attribute to specify whether the element is draggable or not
dropzone Specifies whether the dragged data is copied, moved or linked when dropped
hidden specifies whether element should be visible or not
id A unique id for the element
spellcheck Specifies if the element must have its spelling or grammar checked
style An inline style definition
title A text to display in a tool tip
translate Boolean attribute specifies whether the content of an element should be translated or not
tabindex Specifies the tab order of an element

All the above are not part of this course. So will discuss only some of them further in this course.


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