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10 First Example : About Me Webpage


<title>About Me-Subrat Dash</title>
<h1>About Me</h1>
<p>Its me, Subrat Dash.I have completed my MSC-IT. I am a fulltime online instructor. I am teaching computer at TTRC. I love teaching. I always ask my self, what method should i use, to teach students, so that it will be easiest for them to learn. The result is my more then 10000 online students.</p>
<p>Since last 15 years i am teaching computer at TTRC. Most of my students are beginners and school students. They don't have prior computer knowledge. Still they feel comfortable in my class. I believe this is my greatest achievement.

Save this in a text file and the extension name should be html or htm. Open it using any web browser. It is looking very simple because we have not applied any style to it. We have to use Cascading Style Sheet, popularly known as CSS for this purpose. CSS is not a part of this course but we will discuss some basic CSS elements. To know more about CSS please refer our CSS course.



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