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Conservation of Plants and Animals


Q) What is desertification ? Name one human activity which may lead to desertification ?

Ans. The process by which fertile land becomes desert is called desertification. Deforestation causes soil erosion making the soil infertile and lead to desertification.

Q) What is global worming ? Name the gas which is responsible for causing global worming ?

A: Carbon dioxide is responsible for global worming. Carbon dioxide gas traps the sun’s heat rays reflected by the earth. This is called green house effect. This increases the temperature of earth’s atmosphere. This gradual increase of temperature of atmosphere is called global worming.

Q) Define the term ‘Biosphere’.

A) Living organisms are found on land, atmosphere and water bodies. The part of earth in which living organisms exist is called biosphere. There fore Biosphere includes land, atmosphere as well as water bodies.

Q) What will happen if the natural habitat of a wild animal is destroyed ?

A) The natural habitat of wild animals is forest. If natural habitat destroyed, they will not get enough food and will die. After some time many species will vanish from that area.

Q) State the role of Biosphere Reserves.

A) The Biosphere reserve perform the following roles:

  • Conservation of wild life of that area
  • maintain the biodiversity of that area
  • maintain the lifestyle of the tribal people living in that area
  • prevent the commercial exploitation of that area
  • provides opportunities for scientific research, environmental education and tourism.


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