Current Affairs 2018 | 23.09.2018 | Hindi

Q.1. Which of these Indian state Police are set to launch the first ever ‘dial-FIR’ scheme in the country?
1. Gujarat
2. Assam
3. Bihar
4. Uttar Pradesh —

Q.2. For how much did Reliance Infrastructure sold its Mumbai city power distribution business to Adani Transmission Limited?
1. Rs.18,800 crore —
2. Rs.19,800 crore
3. Rs.20,800 crore
4. Rs.17,800 crore

Q.3. Which of the following airlines is to recruit Saudi women as co-pilots, for the first time, after lifting the ban against women motorists?
1. Saudia airlines
2. Air Arabia
3. Nesma Airlines
4. Flynas —

Q.4. Carbon neutrality means achieving ________.
1. zero carbon footprint
2. 100% carbon footprint
3. Carbon level to neutral or 1 —
4. None of the above

Q.5. Who is the founder of SpaceX?
1. Elon Musk —
2. Bill Gates
3. Nikola Tesla
4. Tim Cook

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