Do i have to pay any charge to enroll any course on TTRC.iN website?

It depends on courses. Click this link to goto the courses page. Where FREE is mentioned means enrollment to that course is completely free.

Is there any price for Recorded Video Tutorial course?

Yes, you have to contribute a little amount to use recorded video tutorial courses. For example Subrat Sir asks a contribution of Rs.11 monthly for his recorded video tutorial courses. Like this other instructor may ask different contribution amount for their course.

Is the price of TTRC Course by Subrat Sir will always be Rs.11 per month ?

Ans: Yes, till Mar 2021 the price of courses of Subrat Sir will not increase.

What courses now Subrat Sir Offering ?

Below is a list of Courses offered by Subrat Sir.

Can i use any other video player to play these videos provided by TTRC?

No, you can play the record video tutorials by the player provided by TTRC Player only.

Can i renew my SUBSCRIPTION of TTRC Player ?

Yes, You can renew your SUBSCRIPTION at any time.

Can my videos will be deleted after end of SUBSCRIPTION ?

No, your videos will remain as usual on your drive. But you can not play them.

Can i ask questions in case of any doubt ?

Yes, you can ask questions through Whats App to the corresponding teacher. You can not ask telephonically. When you are asking question mention the video number or name of the course and video play time at which you have doubts. 

If you want to clear your doubts, We will suggest to join our online live classes where you can ask doubts directly to the concerned instructor.

Can i join any online class where i can ask doubts directly ?

Yes, you can join online live classes conducted by us. You can ask your doubts directly there.

Can i get certificate for the course ?

Yes you can get certificate for the course by paying the specified certificate fee for that course.

Can i teach on TTRC?

Yes, you can. But remember Teacher-ship is a Nobel profession. Before applying please read How to create successful online course

How much TTRC will pay me, If i teach on TTRC?

TTRC is providing an online platform for you. TTRC will guide you in creating your online courses. Your revenue generation completely based on sale of your courses.

Will TTRC provide me the complete sales revenue of my courses?

No, TTRC will deduct 45% towards Marketing and Platform charges for the courses which are sold by TTRC. and will deduct 10% towards Platform charges for the courses which are directly sold by you.

How TTRC will know, Which course was sold by me?

After joining as Instructor you will be provided a coupon code. If any student is joining using that coupon code, then that course joining will be considered as by you.


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