Welcome to a new Era of computer eduation.

This course is designed in such a way that it will help you to answer all your questions, if you have a question from below.

  1. Can this computer course prepare me for my job interview ?
  2. Can it make me perfect to pass a job interview ?
  3. Can it prepare me for the computer subject of SSC, Banking or other clearical job ?
  4. After getting job, i should proof myself at that job. Can this course will help me in that ?
  5. Can it clear all the doubts regarding my required job skills ?
  6. Can i work from home and earn money ?
  7. Can i get an online job ?
  8. All are saying about online dataentry job but no one guiding. Can this course guide me ?
  9. Can i earn atleast Rs.10000 monthly from home if i work hard ?
  10. can i open my own job work center after passing this course ?

Yes. This Computer Course is a single answer for all your computer related questions. This course is divided into three sections.

  • Digital Learning Content : In this section you will learn nine modules.
  • Mock Test : In this section you will prepare for computer exams in different fields like SSC, Banking and all other govt. and private clerical jobs.
  • Job Skill : In this module you will learn about different projects. How to do different tasks effectively after getting a job. That may be a Govt. job, Private Job or any online job. Because only perfect people succeed in life.

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