Q. Satya Prakash Malaviya who passed away recently is a __________. Writer Entrepreneur Social Activist Politician — Q. Who won gold […]

Q. Who is the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh? Shri Yogi Adityanath — Shri Arun Jaitley Shri Ram Vilas […]

Q. Cabinet recently approved 4 New National Institutes of Design (NID), one of which will come up in Assam’s ______ […]

Q. How many crores fund of Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund was launched by Agriculture Minister? 10881 crores — […]

Q.1. Which of these Indian state Police are set to launch the first ever ‘dial-FIR’ scheme in the country? 1. […]

In this vide you will get: general knowledge questions with answers, gk questions in english, gk questions 2018, easy general […]

Omega 3 is not limited to only non vegetarian diet. Flax seed, nuts and so many other plant foods contain […]