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A teacher is a person from whom you learn something. Teaching is the most noble profession in the world. A teacher encourage their students to achieve best. Father and mother are the first teachers for any child. Holding a good degree is not always a teacher. In our surrounding so many persons teach us so many good stuff. They are also teacher for us. 

How to become a teacher

If you have the courage to be a teacher, we provide the platform for you for free.

As a teacher you should always remember :

  • – As a teacher, you are always a learner.
  • – As a teacher, you should inspire your students
  • – As a teacher, you should keep your teaching knowledge current


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If you have the courage, your local students as well as global students are waiting for you. No matter what is your educational qualification! your passion and research about your topic will make you a good teacher. So get ready and start today.
  • Create your Lectures
  • Answer the students queries asked on comment section of the concerned lectures
  • Get famous in your locality as well as globally
  • You start with your passion and knowledge. Then choose a topic and plan your lectures. You can teach the way you want. We will guide you creating your own course.
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